Why 84444 Text Message Marketing?

If you've looked around the internet, you've probably learned that we aren't the only guys that do SMS text message marketing. We are, however, the only ones that have been running a successful, international, interactive telephone business for over 25 years!

Our mobile text marketing sodtware allows you to easily launch interactive and broadcast bulk SMS campaigns from the convenience of your PC, tablet, or smartphone in the United States or Canada. See our client testimonials.

Your One Stop Mobile Marketing Shop

We're more than just text message marketing. 84444's parent company ATS Mobile develops apps, mobile and desktop websites, custom QR codes, and provides geo-location mobile advertising that enables us to serve ads to just those customers within a one mile radius of your location!

Try our SMS Marketing for FREE

FREE TRIAL. No contract. No long term committment. Reserve your favorite keyword now and get started for real within 30 days. It's easy to use. You'll be a Pro in less than 10 minutes!


Same Short Code Works in Canada

We have the very same 84444 short code in Canada so that you don't have to create different advertising. Just sign up at 84444.ca and get started in Canada too!

Customer Support by Real Human Beings

From the critics: "84444.com offers some of the best customer service around. They have three different phone numbers along with email assistance. An office location is listed on their site, allowing people in the Pennsylvania area to visit in person. We were also impressed with their comprehensive blog, brimming with information on the latest mobile marketing trends and profiles of successful SMS campaigns."
- Top Ten Reviews

From our clients: "I would highly recommend this service to anyone that is looking for an upper hand on their competition."
- Casey Fosher, Loan Officer, First National Bank

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