Never Lose Your Coupon Again with Mobile Coupons

Who doesn’t enjoy a great deal on a new pair of pants or a free t-shirt giveaway upon arriving at a store?  How do you usually get these discounts or hear about these promos?  Print ads. Print has become an element of the past in our fast-paced world revolving around technology.  These advertisements are easily lost, ripped, forgotten about, or misplaced.  In addition, these advertisements are extremely costly to pay for.  But with mobile coupons your consumer is sure to have that coupon with them 24/7 while saving your business a ton of money.

84444 offers an extremely affordable text message coupon program starting at just pennies per text.  This mobile marketing program is extremely efficient in that it only sends your coupons or promos to those who want it.  In order to receive your text message coupons, patrons must join your opt-in list.  If they do this, they must be loyal and interested customers.

With 94% of all text messages being read immediately upon receipt, mobile couponing is easily the most influential way to market your business.  Imagine a slow Thursday night at your local boutique.  It’s about to be 5:00 and you send out a broadcast message to your opt-in list offering $10 off a purchase of $50 or more.  Your boutique is bound to flood with loyal customers hoping to redeem their new mobile coupon on their way home from work.

You can also increase your social media presence using mobile coupons.  Send out a text message asking patrons to “like” your business on Facebook or “follow” your business on Twitter to receive free shipping on their next purchase.  This way you can increase your sales while also increasing your social media presence.

Deliver information to your consumers the way they want it – fast and easy with mobile marketing.

Advanced Telecom Services has been in mobile marketing for over ten years.  Our team of passionate mobile experts is here to offer their assistance with any mobile questions you may have.  We can set your company up with a mobile website, mobile app, custom QR codes, IVR, and more.