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Mobile Advertising: "Generate Quality Leads No Matter the Device"

May 8 @ 2pm EDT - Register now!
ATS Mobile’s senior marketing executive Scott Bronenberg reviews the intricacies of just how to precisely target your company’s advertising budget to generate pertinent leads from every mobile device. Whether it’s advertising on a mobile website or a native app, Scott will detail the latest geographical technology available to accurately pinpoint the best ways to cost-effectively reach your desired audience.

Texting Tuesday: "SMS Text Messaging is Still a Pillar in the Mobile Marketing Space"


June 3 @ 2pm EDT - Register now!
For several years now, ATS Mobile president Bob Bentz has been praised by agencies, brands and other clientele for his clear, succinct and knowledgeable take on the world of all things text messaging. Join Bob as he details what to do and not do when it comes to executing a successful text message marketing campaign, and he will also take you through the latest text message marketing rules and best practices as outlined by the national mobile marketing associations.