Request a Company Brochure via Text Message

Want a quick and easy way for your consumers to learn more about your company?  With text message brochure requests, they can easily ask for your brochure delivered to their home by simply texting a keyword to 84444.  Once they have done this, they have now opted-in to your database.  This database stores all of your patrons’ cell phone numbers on our website and is free of charge to view and use at your disposal.

Text message marketing is a great way to capture your consumers’ attention and interact with them while also marketing your business or product.  This collaborative marketing method also targets patrons who are most interested in your product or service.

Think snail mail is old fashioned?  No problem.  After the consumer has sent a keyword to short code 84444 to request a brochure, you can send a text message back to them immediately with a link connecting them to your brochure.  All 84444 customers are given a WAP website free of charge.  If you’d rather use a mobile website or mobile microsite, we can provide you with one that’s user-friendly and easy to browse.

As the growth of mobile continues to explode, so does your opportunity of reaching this vast audience.  Don’t wait until it’s too late.  Make your company mobile today.  Contact a sales representative at Advanced Telecom Services if you wish to set up a mobile website to display your brochure on.

Our team of experienced mobile experts at ATS can also help you out with mobile apps, custom QR codes, IVR, textchat, and more.  If you’re interested in making your company mobile, ATS is your one stop mobile marketing shop.


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